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COVID-19: We are now open for rehoming again, with a few changes to the normal process under the current COVID-19 guidelines. This includes video home checks & meeting dogs outdoors, maintaining social distancing.
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Lily's file
Pomeranian cross
6 years

About Lily

Lily is a very sweet little dog and is very loving when she gets to know you However, she has not had much leadership and as a result is very under confident and scared of the big wide world. She needs someone who can be a firm leader and not pander to her insecurity.

She will mix with other dogs once she gets to know them but will bark at first & this will need correcting. With an experienced fosterer, this is getting better by the day so should not be a long term problem. She will also bark at people she does not know - again an under confidence issue.

Lily will be a bit of a project to start with but has a lot to give, just hasn't been out and about enough & cleary had very little guidance or training. In the right home with the right people, she will shine.